Special announcement: Zred sponsorshipdeal

Welcome to another blog post! As you guys do not know yet, I've been contacted through Instagram by Zred - Clothing. They asked me if I was interested in a cooperation. Information about ZRED - Clothing. ZRED - Clothing is a German-based lifestyle and fashion brand, originally based in Stuttgart. The fashion brand is launched in 2015, also the… Continue reading Special announcement: Zred sponsorshipdeal


Why I bought the Brown suede Calvin Klein Loafers

Welcome to another blog! Ever since I've bought my Calvin Klein brown suede loafers, back in September I've been thinking about writing a blog post about them. First and foremost I absolutely love the design of these loafers. In fact, they are both classic and elegant, you can wear these loafers under a suit when… Continue reading Why I bought the Brown suede Calvin Klein Loafers